Uzuri M. Asad

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Uzuri has always loved to express herself creatively using her hair and wardrobe to speak for her. Growing up in a home environment where the importance of culture was interwoven into the way she dressed and saw fashion, having an individual appearance has always been her preference. While pursuing a degree in English (pre-Law), Uzuri spent her free time sketching original designs, reconstructing her wardrobe to give new life to basic pieces, and coordinating wardrobe for various style exhibits and photo shoots, inspiring a desire to start a line of her own creations.

After completing her degree, focus on fashion was put on hold while she and her husband, Bashiri, started a family. Four children later, Uzuri is currently a wardrobe stylist and designer, having created for regional, national, and international artists from the worlds of music, fashion and photography. Her design entity, mayasa. Design House, is constantly evolving in its offerings of clothing and accessories inspired by her upbringing, the African diaspora, and her understanding of the power of transformation through state of mind. “I just want to do the most good for the most people with the life I have now,” is her mantra, so in addition to using her artistic perspective to enhance the appearance or voice of another party, she also devotes time to philanthropic efforts including HIV/AIDS awareness and fighting hunger.

How to connect:
Instagram: @zuri_mayasa_design
Tumblr: (personal blog); (design inspiration)